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January 06, 2010

GoToobs go to Disney World

 HUG_13If you keep up with our blog you might have noticed that I recently served as a judge on a Food Network pilot called Cupcake Wars. It just aired at the end of December, but we actually shot in LA in early September and as I packed my bags for the trip, I was KICKING myself for not owning GoToobs. Instead, I packed all my travel-sized lotions and potions and crossed my fingers the whole flight out from Chicago.

Of course when I arrived, I found that two of my tiny containers had leaked all over my cosmetic bags and instead of enjoying a night out on the town I spent the night cleaning my luggage, my clothes, and my cosmetic bags. On top of the mess, I was pretty frustrated with myself for having to buy wasteful travel sized things in the first place. I work at ReusableBags, I should know better!

Well, I leave for Disney World with my husband and our almost-four-year-old next week and boy, do we own GoToobs now! This time I'll be using them for shampoo, conditioner and lotion - the ID windows will be really handy for telling those apart. I'll also be bringing a few secret ingredients that I don't expect to find in my grandma's retirement village with me - including vegan mayonnaise. 

The large openings make GoToobs really easy to fill, and the no-drip valve keeps the caps from getting that gross dried out stuff that usually gets all over travel containers. When we get home I'll just wash them out and use them to carry that low fat salad dressing I keep saying I'm going to start using.

If you've used these, I'm interested to hear how you liked them! And when I get back from Disney I'll report on my experience with GoToobs.

Update 1/22/10: Well, I'm back - and despite my son's ear infection that made flying pretty unpleasant, it was a nice vacation. My husband put his very, very watery tea tree oil face wash in a GoToob and packed it in the suitcase right by all my clothes and shoes and it was 100% leak-free. My drugstore travel-sized shampoo bottle? No such luck. I had shampoo all over my toothbrush. Gross. Next time I'll use a GoToob.


Has anyone tried yoghurt?

And can you freeze them?

I am looking for an alternative to single serve yoghurt squeeze things for my daughter. I need to be able to freeze it in warmer weather.

Karen (Melbourne, Australia)

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