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February 23, 2011

reuseit.com supports Pick Up America

Pua-logo1 This week we were happy to donate a few boxes of reusable lunch items and eco-friendly cleaning products to Pick Up America, a a non-profit and eco-adventure of young people walking across the country, picking up trash, and educating communities about zero waste.

They're always looking for donations to sustain their efforts, volunteers and people to spread the word about what they do so check out their site to see how you can help!



It's great for me to know about this and i really enjoyed on this site. So keep up with your work and keep sharing good information.

Pick up America is a great cause. I definitely believe that one way we can help the environment is by using the reusable shopping bags like they sell. I have found some really creative ones. When I use them I am not only being green, but also being stylish.


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