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March 08, 2011

Drowning in reusable bags? Share your extras with those in need!

Bags-for-the-people Congratulations, you switched from disposable to reusable bags, reusing and upcycling the few you still end up with. Doesn't it feel nice to not have plastic bag monsters jumping out at you from underneath the sink? But wait - now you're being attacked by reusble bag piles from inside the closet!

Hopefully by now we've convinced you to say no to those cheap reusables every grocery store is pushing for 99 cents and to instead use a handful of high-quality reusable bags to do your shopping. But even the most careful shopper probably has a few bags that never seem to leave the house or car. What can you do to keep those from ending up in your recycling bin? Donate them!

Bags for the People accepts reusable bags (and other fabric), and repurposes or redisctributes them to those in need - because greener living shouldn't come with a price tag. Bags for the People also offers sewing workshops for kids and seniors, offering creative solutions to waste and economic disadvantage. Check out their site for more info on how to donate.

For more clever ways to put your extra bags to use, check out this post from TreeHugger.


I like this campaign very much, it not only promotes the importance of recycling it also promotes sharing. Regards for those people who are behind all this.

I have been reading this blog for ages. Keep up the amazing work you are doing here.

Thanks so much for this! I haven't been this moved by a blog for a long time!

I like your blog very much,it's very nice and amazing.It's also thorw the idea of also reusable bags, reusing and upcycling.It's all over the good concept.

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