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July 06, 2007

Paper or plastic? Macy's won't ask

TwinCities.com 6.29.07

Paper shopping bags are the latest casualty at Macy's stores.

Sales associates have been told to use plastic rather than the ostensibly classier paper bags with handles, which cost more to produce.

"Seeing your bags flapping in the trees is one of the worst things you can do today to affect a brand," said Vincent Cobb, founder and president of Reusablebags.com. He said grocers and convenience stores - not department stores - are the worst offenders.

To environmentalists, the paper vs. plastic discussion is irrelevant. Americans use too many disposable bags, period. True, plastic bags do not biodegrade, while paper does. But when you factor in the trees used to make heavier paper bags, plus the manufacturing and distribution, it's a wash, Cobb said.

"The ecological footprint of plastic isn't any worse than paper..."

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