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September 21, 2007

Catalog Critic - Green Grocer

Wall Street Journal 09.21.07

The Wall Street Journal’s Catalog Critic critiques reusable shopping bags: “we wanted lightweight, strong bags spacious enough for lots of locally grown produce and organic spelt flakes. But -- this was harder -- we also sought chic sacks with no strident slogans. To test our five candidates, we brought them to the store and loaded them with half-gallons of milk, canned goods, a baby watermelon -- the usual.”

Best Overall, the Acme Workhorse 1500, was styled like a typical plastic grocery sack. Of nearly weightless nylon, it folded into a tiny rectangle for storage.

Our Take: We are very proud to have our Acme Workhorse bag selected as "Best Overall" -- we spent over 2 yrs developing and refining this bag - as with all bags we develop, we really sweat the details! Since its introduction back in early 2003 it has been one of our most popular bags and has inspired lots of knockoffs. Look for more outstanding products and innovations from our award-winning line of Acme Bags!

Link: GreenGrocer


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Are your products made in the U.S.?

Thanks for your comment – we actually just included an FAQ section to answer questions such as this. Check it out here: http://www.reusablebags.com/help.php?id=2#help110

Our bags are produced via a close partnership with a US based, 80 year old “cut and sew” operation with a commitment towards quality and integrity. In turn, they have partnered with a handful of reputable factories abroad that are also committed to these same ideals. Whether made in India, China or another part of the world, all of the ACME Bags™ are manufactured with fair labor/ fair trade practices in accordance with ETI standards.

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