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September 20, 2007

New Eco-Friendly Packaging Triggers Boom In Guilt-Free Littering

The Onion 07.21.07Onion

The growing "green" trend in product packaging, which emphasizes the use of recycled, biodegradable post-consumer paper-based materials and relies less on petroleum-derived polymers like styrofoam, has unleashed a spontaneous trashing of sidewalks, roadsides, and pristine wilderness by gratified consumers. Though some environmentalists and scientists were caught off guard by the movement, experts say it is here to stay.

These 'eco' products are amazing—they've totally changed my life," a 37-year-old Nick Sundin said. "Now, I just toss my used Seventh Generation–brand paper plates out the car window, knowing they'll soon be absorbed into the earth."

Our Take: Some entertaining satire, but not too far off from where society could end up if we blindly pursue biodegradable packaging as the answer (as opposed to consuming less). As we pointed out in an article on biodegradable bags we created a few years ago, "bag littering could easily increase as people start to believe that biodegradable bags are less harmful to the environment..."

Link: New Eco-Friendly Packaging Triggers Boom In Guilt-Free Littering


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