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September 20, 2007

60,000 Plastic Bags = Consumption Art

ReusableBags.com 09.20.07

Running the Numbers, An American Self PortraitConsumption_art_zoom_out_2 
Wanna see what 60,000 plastic bags looks like (the number used in US every 5 seconds) or 2 million plastic beverage bottles (the number used in the US every five minutes)?....

We discovered this new art series, which looks at contemporary American culture through the use of statistics. Happy to see the artist chose plastic bags and bottles - two issues we are helping to tackle  - to convey his powerful messages. The series of images portrays a specific quantity of something (like 106,000 aluminum cans which represents thirty seconds of can consumption). Since statistics can often feel abstract, the artist’s hope is that these images will have a different impact than just readingConsumption_art_zoom_in the numbers alone. The project visually examines a number of bizarre measure of society, including ones of plastic bags and bottles.

This series will be exhibited at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, opening Sep 8. Click here for more info.

Link: Consumption Art


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This is amazing art! Its an incredible way to express the amount of consumption and waste we are witnessing today.

The bag looks amazingly FAB! Can I ask if you used gesso before making it arty?

Many countries has taken measures to reduce the frequent use of plastic and polyethylene bags but as it is light and user friendly people are not interested in leaving its use. This is unfortunate.

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