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January 16, 2008

Mountain Equipment Pulls Water Bottles off Shelves

Globe and Mail 12.07.07Nalgene_bottles

Mountain Equipment Co-op, Canada's largest specialty outdoor-goods retailer, says it has pulled most food and beverage containers made of polycarbonate plastic from its shelves, citing concern over possible health risks. The Vancouver-based firm been one of the largest sellers of such products as polycarbonate Nalgene water bottles. The plastic in question is made mostly from bisphenol A, which mimics estrogen and is derived from petrochemicals.

Our Take: We've been promoting and offering safe reusable bottles for years. Mounting evidence of health risks and reactions like this reinforces the importance of avoiding cheap bottles and/or ones made from controversial materials like polycarbonate. Replace your polycarbonate bottle with a safe option today!

Link: Mountain Equipment Pulls Water Bottles off Shelves


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Now let's hope REI (and similar businesses, LL Bean, Sahalie, etc.) follows along.. We ret'd all our Nalegene bottles to REI (where we purchased them).

This is all well and good, and I'm enjoying my new, leach-free Clean Kanteens and SIGG bottles - but what should I do with all of my old, be-stickered (so I can't return them to REI, where I got them) Nalgene lexan bottles???


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