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March 05, 2008

Plastic Bags, Headed for A Meltdown

Washington Post 02.06.08

On a recent Sunday, I stood in a long line at the Dupont Circle farmers market. At the front was a young woman, juggling nearly a dozen apples as she tried to hand them to the cashier to be weighed. "Here, let me get you a bag," the cashier suggested. "No. No," the woman answered harriedly. "I brought my own!" The cashier glanced at the growing line of impatient patrons. And  the young woman turned around, too, a pained look spreading across her face. "Okay. But then take them out. I can put them in here." Pause. "Really, I really don't want one."

It was, perhaps, a sign of the times. The plastic bag, that staple of modern life, is about to become radioactive.

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