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April 10, 2008

AUDIO CLIP: Manufacturers Push Biodegradable Plastic Bags

npr, All Things Considered 04.07.08

Npr_logo1_3As more and more cities and states consider plastic bag bans and tax proposals, companies are beginning to weigh their options. Biodegradable plastic bags are designed to quickly break down. But where does the plastic go?... The story also cites a staggering statistic: every year US plastic bag consumption = nine billion pounds. Listen to story…

Our Take: The plastic polymers are still there, but they are out of sight! These may become a popular choice for big brand companies/marketers looking to reduce negative exposure when their bags are hooked in trees and laying on sidewalks. While on the surface biodegradable bags may seem like a good idea, there’s a host of problems associated with them (e.g.  A proliferation of biodegradable plastic bags will really sc
rew up recycling efforts, they don’t get at the heart of the problem: consumption, etc. – click here for more…) This is a perfect example of a seemingly good idea that truly does more harm than good.)
Link: Manufacturers Push Biodegradable Plastic Bags



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Although very facilitate,but plastic bags bad to environment,hope in the future will has a good substitute

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