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June 24, 2008

IKEA bags the plastic

The Courant, 06.12.08
Last March, IKEA began charging 5 cents for each plastic bag with the hopes of reducing usage by 50 percent. Last month, they announced that not only is the fee working, they have experienced a 92 percent drop in usage.

Our Take: Our congratulations to IKEA for being a strong leader in a sea of mindless consumption. They see that use-and-toss shopping bags—whether plastic or paper—are at the heart of the issue. This is more evidence that fees work. We are proud to have helped inspire them to take this bold step and hope that other retailers will follow suit.  What do you think?

Link: IKEA bags the plastic 


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I love this! I wish the grocery stores would follow suit.

Kudos to Ikea. Soon I hope all stores follow their lead!

I think it's great, but wish that their reusable bags were made of cloth (cotton or hemp) rather than plastic, unless it is actually recycled plastic. Here in Arizona, the polyprolene nonwoven fiber bags are popular, but many consumers do not realize that they are plastic too.

I am glad to hear that more some companies are charging for bags. I do however question is 5cents really enough to make people change their ways??? perhaps we need to push our governments to pass laws and charge a larger amount. Perhaps 25cents would be a better amount to charge!! I would love to hear from others who are nterested in this topic! gogetgreen2@live.com

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