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September 29, 2008

$180,625 to fight 20-cent bag fee

Seattle Post-Intelligencer  09.11.08Seattlepostintelligencer_6

The American Chemistry Council has reported spending $180,625 in August to fight a 20-cent fee on paper and plastic bags that was approved by the Seattle City Council in July.

Most of the money was likely used for signature gathering in an effort to put the issue on a future citywide ballot. The Coalition to Stop the Seattle bag Tax has turned in about 22,000 signatures. That averages out to about $8 per signature.

Our Take: $180,000 is just the start – small potatoes compared to the total amount industry likely will spend in an attempt to defeat this legislation. If done right, Seattle’s bag fee is poised to knock down plastic bag production by 90% (see Ireland’s PlasTax), posing a huge threat to industry.

Think about it...for the $8 spent per signature, the ACC could have bought every person who signed the petition a high quality reusable bag (like ours ).

Link: $180,625 to fight 20-cent bag fee


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