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September 10, 2008

Savetheplasticbag.com - Dumbed-down site of disinformation

Savetheplasticbag Los Angeles Times, Op-Ed  08.26.08

Plastic bags are a small percentage of total litter, so eliminating them won't save taxpayers a penny because other litter will still need to be cleared from the same locations. Plastic bags do indeed fly off trash trucks, but whose fault is that? The Board of Supervisors should address this problem instead of placing the blame for it on law-abiding consumers and the plastic-bag industry…

Our Take: Savetheplasticbag.com?! At first we thought this was a farce. The site is designed to mislead people by creating a case that there’s nothing wrong with plastic bags.  Paper vs. plastic is not the issue – drastically reducing consumption and the adoption of reusable bags is. Sure seems like a plastics industry-backed campaign...

Link: Los Angeles Times Op-Ed piece

Link: Savetheplasticbag.com


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