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January 08, 2009

Beaujolais Nouveau looking green this year

The Denver Post 11.16.08Beaujolaisbottles

With an eye toward shipping costs and the environment, Boisset Family Estates in France has announced it will export all its Beaujolais Nouveau to the United States this year in plastic. Other wine and champagne producers, such as Fetzer Vineyards in California, also are converting to lighter-weight packaging…

The move will save the company up to 33 percent on freight charges, but Boisset is emphasizing that the switch will reduce its carbon footprint, because the plastic bottle weighs one-eighth as much as a typical 14-ounce glass bottle. 

Our Take:  Who knows if the environmental benefits of lightweight plastic outweigh glass – even if it saves fuel, once you produce plastic it’s here to stay. Not to mention, who wants to drink wine out of a plastic bottle?!? Sounds disgusting – and we’re concerned about leaching, too.

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