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February 19, 2009

Recycled Clothing - Converting recycled plastic into fabric

Business Week 2.17.09 Businessweek

Imagine your six-pack covering your six-pack. Plastic soda and water bottles are being turned into sweaters. We explore the process of converting plastic into fabric and its growing use.

Our Take:  A great video showing how post-consumer plastic bottles and containers are converted into durable, wearable fabrics. We love this innovation – our rPET bags have been repurposing old plastic bottles for years, at some of the same fabric mills used by Patagonia. Stay tuned for more textile innovations – the most sustainable production process for reusable bags.

Link: Recycled Clothing – converting recycled plastic into fabric


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Wow this is great! aside that it is cool, it will help to reduce the decreasing volume of the non biodegradable waste. I am looking forward to wear a recycled plastic clothes. thanks for the post.


I enjoyed browsing through your entry. I could only agree with you.


This is very brilliant work. This will help us and our planet.

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