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July 09, 2009

Colbert Report: BPA No Laughing Matter

ColbertBPA copyThe Colbert Report - 07.01.09

Steven Colbert interviews The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof on the rise of endocrine disruptors in the water we drink – which has lead to reproductive malformation in aquatic species & puts people (especially pregnant women) at risk. A significant contributor to the levels of endocrine disruptors is a chemical used to soften plastics (BPA) during manufacturing. Kristof calls for government regulation of these harmful chemicals.

Watch the entire interview

Our Take: Great to see Colbert put his high-profile satirical clout behind this issue. Don't wait for the government to take action, avoid BPA, pthalates and other toxins whenever possible by choosing high-quality, safe products. Read our FAQ on BPA for more information.


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