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February 02, 2008

Motivated by a Tax, Irish Spurn Plastic Bags

New York Times 02.02.08 & International Herald Tribune 01.31.08Iht_2

In 2002, Ireland passed a tax on plastic bags...Within weeks, plastic bag use dropped 94 percent. Drowning in a sea of plastic bags, countries from China to Australia, cities from San Francisco to New York have in the past year adopted a flurry of laws and regulations to address the problem, so far with mixed success.

After five years of the plastic bag tax, Ireland has changed the image of cloth bags, a feat advocates hope to achieve in the United States. Vincent Cobb, the president of reusablebags.com, who founded the company four years ago to promote the issue, said: “Using cloth bags has been seen as an extreme act of a crazed environmentalist. We want it to be seen as something a smart, progressive person would carry.”

Comment: Ireland has paved the way. What other countries, cities or states will step up, find the political will and follow suit?

Links: New York Times & International Herald Tribune


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