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November 24, 2010

Free Shipping + Get Your Order Free

*Sweepstakes Details: One customer will be chosen each day at random to receive their entire order free. Valid for orders up to $500 only. Customers must place an order from 11.24.10 through 11.29.10 to be eligible. Winners will be notified by e-mail within 24 hours of the drawing.

**Coupon Details: Expires Monday, November 29 at midnight CST. Ground shipping only. Domestic orders only. Not valid on volume orders. Cannot be combined with other offers.

The winner's circle:

  • Jennifer Brown
  • Vivianne Asselin
  • Lee Collins
  • Sandra Lumley
  • Susan Lee

November 19, 2010

PLASTIC STATE OF MIND - Parody with Purpose

While we don't support bag bans (click here to read why) we loved this video & catchy tune about a very simple step you can take reduce a ton of waste: Bring your own bags.


November 17, 2010

Lead in reusable bags? Get the facts.

cheap bags
Dear Customer,

In light of the recent New York Times article regarding lead content found in cheap reusable shopping bags (e.g. 99-cent, non-woven polypropylene bags), we would like to address some common concerns and dispel rumors and misconceptions.

Bags from Winn-Dixie, left, and Publix were found to contain lead.  Image from Tampa Tribune (Cliff McBride)

A brief summary of the issue 

  • An investigation conducted by the Tampa Tribune found high levels of lead in a handful of cheap reusable bags. A similar stroy from USA Today reported dangerous levels of lead in bags sold by Walgreens, Safeway and Bloom.
  • These reports have generated massive media coverage, fueling lots of misconceptions regarding the safety of reusable bags in general, especially those made in China.
  • This issue comes down to the problems inherent in cheap reusable shopping bags, which we've been bringing to light for years.

If you've purchased bags from us or recommended them to a friend, here are a few facts:

  • We have never carried the types of bags referred to in these reports (cheap reusable bags with printing on them).
  • Just because a bag is "Made in China" does not mean it contains lead or is in anyway unsafe. Many reputable brands we carry (including Envirosax, Flip & Tumble, BAGGU, ChicoBags and our reuseit line) manufacture bags in China using high-quality, safe materials.
  • At reuseit.com, you'll find safe, high-quality bags manufactured safely & responsibly all over the world. If you've purchased bags from us, you don't have anything to worry about.

Our basic advice & learn more

As always, be selective! Buy a handful of high-quality, "everyday" reusable bags that you will use for years and years - from a company you trust. That way, you'll know they're responsibly made, built to last and use high-quality materials (unlike cheap reusable bags).

Additional resources:

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at service@reuseit.com.


Vincent Cobb - Founder, reusablebags.com and reuseit.com

Update: This story recently resurfaced thanks to a report from the CCF uncovering unsafe levels of lead in cheap reusable shopping bags sold by Walgreens, CVS, Safeway and more. Find out who's behind the studies in our post Who is the CCF & what's their beef with reusable shopping bags?

November 10, 2010

The Story of Electronics

We've been anxiously awaiting the latest film from Annie Leonard and crew - The Story of Electronics. At last it's here, so check it out and share it with your friends!


November 03, 2010

Back to the Roots: Sustainable, socially conscious, cool

Thumbnail At a recent Social Venture Network conference, our company founder Vincent Cobb reconnected with the people behind Back to the Roots, creators of 100% sustainable grow-at-home products.

Admittedly, this post is a little unusual for our blog but we thought their business model and mission was so cool we had to share. Plus, they're donating 5% of their Nov/Dec sales to breast cancer research and we wanted to spread the word.

Check out their recent write up on Bake and Destroy for a coupon and a chance to win a pearl oyster mushroom kit for free.