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January 31, 2011

20+ uses for the reuseit™ recycled PET stuff sack

ACM-05R-SIL2 There are dozens of uses for our recycled PET stuff sack - travel, storage, organization, kids, snacks and more. Once you have one you'll find tons of jobs for this sturdy little drawstring pouch.

Check out this list we started of uses for the recycled PET stuff sack - and feel free to add your own uses in the comments! 

  1. Store plastic bags for reuse
  2. Hold dry snacks
  3. Fill with small toys & keep kids busy in the car
  4. Use instead of plastic baggies for overnight travels – great for holding cotton balls & toiletries
  5. Fill with ultra-compact shopping bags to make your own shopping set
  6. Tote games & small toys to restaurants
  7. Use instead of plastic baggies for small produce items
  8. Reusable gift bag
  9. Knitting bag – perfect size to hold one project
  10. Store loose crayons and kids art supplies
  11. Use inside your purse or backpack to stay organized
  12. Store electrical cords & wires
  13. Mini trash container for the car
  14. Protect an apple or pear from bruising in your lunch bag
  15. Replace plastic baggies at bulk bins
  16. Keep pacifiers & other small items clean inside a diaper bag
  17. Stash reusable cutlery, a glass straw & cloth napkin inside for an emergency waste-free lunch kit
  18. Craft storage – holds buttons, lace, odds & ends
  19. Make up bag
  20. Under-the-counter organization
  21. Bottle sleeve – protect a small bottle or jar as you carry it, or keep your lunch dry by packing your water bottle inside the stuff sack 



January 27, 2011

We're Kicking Off Our Inventory Clearance Sale - Save up to 70%!

Screen shot 2011-01-27 at 11.25.20 AM

We've just completed our year-end warehouse inventory and are making room for new items. You'll find amazing deals on discontinued items and closeouts - one they're gone, they're gone! Many items have limited quantities, so if you see something you like don't wait! This is your chance to get great deals on outstanding reusables that will help you cut down on use-and-toss items in a variety of categories:

Lunch - Over 60% off
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Includes great brands like Reisenthel, SIGG, Klean Kanteen, Built, To-Go Ware, Laptop Lunches, reuseit, Thermos and more! 

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January 25, 2011

Who is the CCF & what's their beef with reusable bags?

Berman Recently, several reports have surfaced revealing unsettling lead content in cheap reusable bags sold by many major retailers. We've never carrried the non-woven polypropylene bags featured in the reports, and quickly responded with facts you should show about reusable shopping bags.

We feel it's important to understand where these reports are coming from, and it didn't take much searching to find out who was behind the most recent alarming studies - the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF). 

So who is the CCF? From Wikipedia:

CCF was set up in 1995 by Richard Berman, executive director of the public affairs firm Berman and Company, with $600,000 from the Philip Morris tobacco company. Berman told The Washington Post that CCF is now funded by a coalition of restaurant and food companies as well as some individuals; according to the group's website it is supported by over 100 companies and thousands of individual consumers. Sponsors are reported to include Brinker International, RTM Restaurant Group (the owner of Arby's), Tyson Foods, HMSHost Corp, and Wendy's.

CCF has campaigned against a number of organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and maintains several websites devoted to criticizing them.

According to a story on GreenTech, "In a press statement CCF senior research analyst J. Justin Wilson says 'retailers were goaded into selling these bags' by environmentalists." The result, he went on to say, is an increase in cheap, and possibly unsafe reusables flooding the market.

While we agree that the popularity of cheap reusables, namely 99 cent shopping bags, inevitably does more harm than good, we have to question the motives behind the CCF study.

So what's the good news? In that same story from GreenTech,  we were sited as a source for reusable bags "made of safe, and recycled materials."

Check out our previous post about lead in reusable shopping bags here.

Read more about the problems associated with cheap reusable bags here.

January 18, 2011

Check out what people are saying...

We love hearing from our customers - from product suggestions to comments about our customer service.  Check out some of our recent feedback:

“Thank you for helping me and my family convert to a green house!” -- Ginny S, 11.17.10

“Just wanted to THANK YOU for the fast shipping and the items, they're absolutely GREAT.” -- Silvia M, 11.11.10

“Great site, great variety of products. I recommend the site to friends regularly.” -- Rachel S, 10.29.10

See more customer testimonial, as well as press quotes and testimonial from our partners in our Buzz section.

Have a product suggestion, comments or feedback for us? Email us at service@reuseit.com. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

January 14, 2011

While Supplies Last - Save Over 70% on Select reuseit Items

ACM-04B-3 For years we've been warning our customers about the pitfalls of cheap reusables, and with recent news about lead in cheap reusable bags our message is more important than ever. Buy long-lasting, high-quality reusables from a trusted source and you won't just be doing the planet a favor, you'll also be investing wisely and possibly protecting your health.

The best time to stock up on sustainable-made reusable bags - for personal use or to use as corporate gifts and promotional giveaways - is now. We've just completed our year end inventory and found limited quantities of some really great reusables.

We need to make room on the shelves for our newest products, so we're offering many of these items at below our cost - up to 73% off! Bamboo totes, rPET backpacks and more. Check it out here.

Does your company give away promotional items? Know of a great eco-friendly screen printer who could take advantage of this offer? Spread the word!

January 11, 2011

Make Reusables Part of Your New Year's Resolutions & Win

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What use & toss habit(s) are you trying to kick in 2011? Leave us a comment and you could win a $50 gift certificate to our store to get started. We'll choose a random winner in one week - Jan. 18, 2011. Good luck with the giveaway and with your resolutions!