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November 12, 2009

Our Customers' Gift Picks

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EXC_01_NYC With 17,000+ product reviews under their belts, our customers know what they're talking about. So when we started to see comments popping up in their orders letting us know that they were already shopping our store for holiday gifts we figured we'd pass their good ideas along to you.

Along with smart suggestions from our customers here, you'll find great ideas for Gifts that Help People Consume Less in our new and improved Gift Center, complete with a tutorial for using reusable bags as gift wrap.

Check out some of the comments we've seen from our customers for gift ideas that will empower your friends and family to save natural resources and money in the new year.

"I love my ACME shopping bag set so much, I'm ordering two more for gifts. I think my New Yorker husband will love his Greek deli coffee mug."--Susan R.

"Love this product and am giving it as a gift for Christmas to 5 family members!"--Judy F. 

"I already use  Envirosax and wanted to get more for presents"--Irene W.

"I use six recycled cotton ACME bags on a regular basis. In fact, unless I forget to bring them in from the car, they are the only bags I ever use. I have to keep ordering new ones, though, because when my friends admire them I give them away."--Connie L.

"Instead of gift wrap this year, I'm embroidering organic cotton muslin bags and giving everyone two gifts in one!"--Sharon R.

Here's some other "gifty" feedback:

"I love ReusableBags.com. They are my go-to site for reusables. Their products are so good, and I love them so much that I've been giving them as gifts, and everyone loves them."--Ann T.

"I LOVE your company and give your bags as gifts. My intention is to spread the word so more people use your bags and reduce the plastic waste in the world while getting great deals on the bags."--Anna J.

"I always find great products at ReusableBags.com. I tell anyone who asks where I got my shopping bags. I have also given shopping bags as gifts."--Xanthe W.
"ReusableBags has the best selection of product. I can always find something to fit my needs. I also order products for gifts at least once a year."--Kathryn E.

"I found your website on an article on MSN.com about twenty gifts to give that aren't gift cards - finding you enabled me to buy reusable shopping bags for everyone on my Christmas list this year. I wish I'd found out about you sooner!"--Robin V

"I love your products and plan to give several away as stocking stuffers"--Paula F.

September 25, 2009

Hann Baykeeper - updates and good news


A few weeks ago we posted an email we received from Hann Baykeeper, a Water Keeper Alliance organization in Africa that fights to clean up Hann Bay and protect the health of the people who rely on it.

Our VP of Operations just received another email from Malick Sene, Hann Baykeeper International Coordinator. We're so inspired by his story we had to share. We've asked Malick to keep us posted on Hann Baykeeper's accomplishments, and we'll share the news as it comes our way.

Hey Bradley!

Glad to hear from you!

Hann Baykeeper organization is fighting for clean waterways in the village of Hann (47.000).

The bay of Hann was comparable to the bay of Rio as one of the most beautiful bays in the Atlantic Ocean. Traditional fishing was the corner stone of the community sustainability until the late 90's when the cumulative impacts of the industrial pollution threatened the functionality of our marine ecosystem.

Then, a youth group called ASC Yarakh emerged as the leader to address the pollution issue with the Senegalese administration and the majors polluters namely (Shell, Mobil, City of Dakar, etc).  The ASC Yarakh environmental comity was very active against pollution issues around the bay but their main challenge was getting "independent sponsorship money" or "clean money" from clean sponsors.  For over 24 years, ASC Yarakh saw its budget reduced to the membership card sale funds.

Our family moved from Saint-Louis (North of Senegal) to Hann when I was just 4 years old.  For many years, I've heard ASC Yarakh voicing up the community concerns and I've seen them straggling to get sponsorship money, cleaning up the bay, organizing seminars and training sessions for clean waterways activism in primary schools around the bay, I've seen them straggling during the "journee de la Baie de Hann" putting together a Pirogue race with trophies, gifts and other promotional goodies.

I understood how this great organization was being dismantled because of it's campaign against the polluters of our bay.  I thought the only way to help out and keep the organization alive was to create an independent environmental committee with an independent source of funding.  That's how Hann Baykeeper was born, supported by independent sponsors such as Reusablebags.

The sponsorship money from Reusablebags will keep us going for awhile.  Hann Baykeeper has to be financially sustainable in order to accomplish its mission towards healthy waterways and a healthier Hann Bay community.

Bradley, once again I just want to thank You and your organization for this tremendous support in these tough economic times.

Malick Sene
Hann Baykeeper International Coordinator

To learn more about the effort to clean up Hann Bay, check out their page on Waterkeeper Alliance.

To read more about the donations we've made, check out our Donations & Sponsorships

Fore more on 1% for the Planet, click here.

June 30, 2009

Easy Green Living by Renee Loux

Easygreenliving We were thrilled to discover an awesome endorsement for our Reuseit (formally known as ACME Bags) Workhorse in Renee Loux's 2008 book,
Easy Green Living: The Ultimate Guide to Simple, Eco-Friendly Choices for You and Your Home.

Loux writes, "These bags are no bigger than half your fist and they're brilliant for stashing in your computer case, attache case, tote bag or purse for on-the-fly purchases."

Thanks, we like them too! You can check out all of our ultra compact bags here!