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October 15, 2010

Product review: Bread Box Preserver

Belinda puts Progressive International's bread box to the test with her morning bagels.

Bread Box Preserver from reuseit.com on Vimeo.

Check out the bread box here, and see more of our product review videos here.

April 05, 2010

Wisdom Wands - Coffee & Tea Without the Waste

It took some of us a while to get used to the idea of drinking hot coffee and tea with a straw, but once we tried Wisdom Wands we were convinced. The coffee filter straw trips to cut back on trips to the coffee shop - which sames money and reduces paper and plastic waste. It also saves energy because you don't have to turn on your coffee maker for a single cup of freshly brewed coffee. Meanwhile, the loose leaf tea straw cuts back on waste from paper tea bags while it gives you a full-flavored cup of hot tea.

Check out both of Natalie's videos on these new products below, and for today only you can save 10% on both Wisdom Wands when you enter NEWTODAY10 and check out. Offer expires 4/6/2010, cannot be combined with any other coupons, and does not apply to volume or wholesale purchases or past orders. 

January 20, 2010

Eco-confessions: Sarah Cleans House on Waste

D1427I'm really good at cleaning the house. I get it all nice and sparkly and I feel incredibly triumphant when I'm finished. There was a time when I decided that "housekeeper" was my perfect career choice. And get this, I LIKE cleaning bathrooms.

Over the past two years working at ReusableBags.com, my fiance, Steve, and I have made some huge life changes that I never thought we could. We legitimately use reusable bags every time we go to the store. It took a while to make it stick, but now it's second nature. We drink water out of our SIGG bottles. We're composting in our backyard, riding bikes most everywhere we go instead of driving and encouraging our friends and relatives to make these changes too.

My Shameful Confession: I clean my house with LOTS of chemicals, use TONS of paper towels and feel REALLY bad about it. Since it's a new year and we've somehow overcome all these other eco-flails over the years, I decided to try to make another change. Armed with a selection of products from our site, I cleaned the house!

I used the Mu microfiber cleaning cloth with the scrubber and hot water to get rid of soap scum in the sink & the crusty stuff on the stove. The Mu bamboo cleaning cloth worked great and caused zero streaking when I cleaned the mirrors (in place of Windex, I made a solution from 4 parts water, 1 part vinegar). A Skoy cloth and Seventh Generation Natural All Purpose Cleaner made wiping down the fridge and kitchen counters easy. (Of course we also carry a kit for making your own all-purpose cleaner!)

In full disclosure, we also had some hiccups. Steve kindly offered to help out before he headed out for yoga, but just couldn't part with the Pledge spray for wrestling with the cat hair on the floor and furniture. The hardest part for me was the bathroom. When I approached the toilet, I thought, "I HAVE to use paper towels." After my brief freak-out, I picked up a Skoy and got to work. I definitely had to put a little more elbow grease into cleaning since there was nothing eating away the dirtiness (though nothing was eating away my skin either!)

When I was all finished, I threw the towels and cloths in the washing machine and guess what? The house was just as sparkly, my lungs didn't hurt, I didn't have a mountain of dirty paper towel trash and I felt really good.

January 06, 2010

GoToobs go to Disney World

 HUG_13If you keep up with our blog you might have noticed that I recently served as a judge on a Food Network pilot called Cupcake Wars. It just aired at the end of December, but we actually shot in LA in early September and as I packed my bags for the trip, I was KICKING myself for not owning GoToobs. Instead, I packed all my travel-sized lotions and potions and crossed my fingers the whole flight out from Chicago.

Of course when I arrived, I found that two of my tiny containers had leaked all over my cosmetic bags and instead of enjoying a night out on the town I spent the night cleaning my luggage, my clothes, and my cosmetic bags. On top of the mess, I was pretty frustrated with myself for having to buy wasteful travel sized things in the first place. I work at ReusableBags, I should know better!

Well, I leave for Disney World with my husband and our almost-four-year-old next week and boy, do we own GoToobs now! This time I'll be using them for shampoo, conditioner and lotion - the ID windows will be really handy for telling those apart. I'll also be bringing a few secret ingredients that I don't expect to find in my grandma's retirement village with me - including vegan mayonnaise. 

The large openings make GoToobs really easy to fill, and the no-drip valve keeps the caps from getting that gross dried out stuff that usually gets all over travel containers. When we get home I'll just wash them out and use them to carry that low fat salad dressing I keep saying I'm going to start using.

If you've used these, I'm interested to hear how you liked them! And when I get back from Disney I'll report on my experience with GoToobs.

Update 1/22/10: Well, I'm back - and despite my son's ear infection that made flying pretty unpleasant, it was a nice vacation. My husband put his very, very watery tea tree oil face wash in a GoToob and packed it in the suitcase right by all my clothes and shoes and it was 100% leak-free. My drugstore travel-sized shampoo bottle? No such luck. I had shampoo all over my toothbrush. Gross. Next time I'll use a GoToob.

December 09, 2009

The Great Staple-Free Stapler Debate

MBH_001_Hero New products always excite us, but rarely do they spark a debate like the one raging in our office over the Staple-Free Stapler. We can all agree on two points:

- It's an awesome idea
- It really does hold 4 sheets of paper together without staples

Other than that, we're an office divided. There are varying opinions, but two two of us with the strongest options are Natalie and Belinda, who make a point of arguing about the Staple-Free Stapler on a daily basis. Their opinions on the product follow - read them, and be sure to chime in if you've seen or used this item before!


The Staple-Free Stapler is cool, don't get me wrong. I would love to bust it open and figure out how it works. Unfortunately, it doesn't really do the job I need a stapler to do. Most of the time, if I need to go for the stapler instead of a paper clip, it's because I'm fastening like, 10 sheets of paper together. So that's one downfall.

The other one, and this is just me being OCD, but I don't like the hole it punches in my paper. I just worked really hard to make my document clean and neat and now there's a hole in it. It does make a satisfying crunching noise when you use it, though. I'll give it that. 



I love holes...they're in things like lace, paper snowflakes, donuts and the staple free stapler stitch. The stitch is ingenious and we don't use the concept often enough--a machine that only uses what is already there. It cuts, moves a piece around, and loops it closed to accomplish its goal - in contrast to introducing extraneous elements like a staple.  You can also throw packets directly into the recycle bin without removing staples.

For most, this cute as a button gadget (it actually resembles a huge button) is not going to replace the common stapler but since I usually only have to secure 2-5 pages together and file them away, it works for me!

So there you have it, folks. The Staple-Free Stapler - maybe the most controversial item we've ever carried! Check it out, along with our other great New Arrivals, and let us know what you think!

December 01, 2009

Chemical-Free Laundry Ball - Does It Work?

LAU_001_LSWhen I told my husband we were considering adding a product to use instead of chemical-laden laundry detergent packaged in wasteful plastic containers he said, "This might be where I draw the line on your hippy environmental stuff." I laughed, but I understood where he was coming from.

In my time working at Reuseit/ReusableBags.com I've happily and effortlessly stopped using plastic bags and disposable water bottles. I've cut way back on my paper towel use and I've totally eliminated dryer sheets from my grocery list. But laundry detergent? I was skeptical.

So Thanksgiving week end I took home the suspicious Chemical-Free Laundry Ball and put it to the test against my toddler's jelly-stained t-shirts, my sweaty skateboarding husband's hoodies and all the dirty cloth napkins that piled up from our (vegetarian!) holiday dinner.

I carefully followed the instructions, giving my washer a good scrub before the first use. Nothing was overly soiled, so I just tossed the ball in with my laundry and hoped for the best.

I was thrilled when everything came out clean and smelling baking-soda fresh as opposed to perfumed. A tumble in my dryer with my dryer balls and static eliminator sheets later and I was patting myself on the back for not only finding waste-free solutions for my least favorite household chore, but also for proving my husband wrong once again. ;)

In the end, my husband's only complaint was that he likes his clothes to have another scent to them besides "clean." I took care of that with some fragrance sticks for my dryer balls. It's actually a perfect system because I don't like any perfume on my clothes - so I just don't use the sticks for my laundry.

Obviously I haven't used them 700 times yet, but I'm pretty thrilled to have found something so eco-friendly and easy to store. No more giant bottles of expensive "green" detergent cluttering up my laundry room and one less thing on my grocery list.

So does it work? Yes, it works, and it's awesome.