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3 posts from August 2005

August 30, 2005

Degradable plastic bags must for hospitals, star hotels

Delhi Newsline

THE Environment Ministry of the Delhi government has made it mandatory for all five-star, four-star hotels, restaurants with more than 100 seats and hospitals to use degradable plastic bags.

‘‘The plastic bags, which are used now-a-days, not only pollute the environment but are also harmful to animals if swallowed. The degradable bags, when exposed to sunlight, lose their form and mix with the soil. We have written to these units to start using degradable plastic bags,’’ said an Environment Ministry official.

Link: Degradable plastic bags must for hospitals, start hotels


August 17, 2005

Plastic bag-free Collingwood is brilliant


Collingwood's plastic bag-free declaration is absolutely brilliant, Parliament's waste-free campaigner Green MP Mike Ward says.

The Golden Bay Bag Ladies have campaigned for plastic bags to be banned from the Bay for some time, a call consistently supported by Nelson-based Mr Ward and Green Co-Leader Rod Donald, who joined them on their anti-bag action on Takaka Hill last New Years. All the retailers of Collingwood have now agreed to stop giving out plastic shopping bags and to offer reusable cloth bags instead. Yesterday Helen Clark and Damien O'Connor joined the Bag Ladies in declaring Collingwood the country's first plastic bag-free town.

"Succeeding in slashing plastic bag consumption by 50 percent across the whole of Golden Bay is an impressive achievement by the Bag Ladies, but Collingwood's new commitment is a first for New Zealand and a landmark in the campaign to cut the nation's waste mountain," Mr Ward says...

Link: Scoop: Plastic bag-free Collingwood is brilliant.

August 12, 2005

Plastic sugarcane - the crop of the future?

ABC Wide Bay Queensland

In ten years time, the rolling paddocks of sugar cane throughout the Wide Bay could be fifteen percent plastic.

"Sugar is a perfect crop for genetic modification,"

Sugarcane containing plastic, unlike cereal crops modified to have higher protein levels or chemical resistance, has no potential to affect humans, since it won't be ingested.

Link: Plastic sugarcane - the crop of the future?.