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May 04, 2007

Massachusetts Senator to file plastic bag tax legislation

Capecodtimes_2 Cape Cod Times

In the next two weeks state Sen. Brian Joyce, D-Braintree, will file legislation that calls for gradually increasing the fee stores will charge consumers for plastic grocery bags, starting next year at 2 cents a bag. The idea is that consumers will reuse the bags several times before throwing them away or use cloth shopping bags.

His proposition comes on the heels of a plastic bag ban adopted by the city of San Francisco in April. A similar measure was recently proposed in Boston.

"I would really support doing something to eliminate one-time use bags, said Brian Goins, general manager of Bourne's Department of Integrated Solid Waste Management. "It's a waste"

Joyce's legislation will provide a sliding fee for each plastic bag given out by a store, starting at 2 cents and increasing to 15 cents by 2014.

His legislation would also make reusable bags, which are already sold at grocery stores, tax deductible. Foods that require plastic bags for freshness - such as meats - would be exempt from the fee. Paper bags are not mentioned in the legislation.

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