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February 01, 2008

Bag the Thought of Paper or Plastic

Pocono Record 01.26.08Pocono

Reusable grocery bags might not sound very Earth-saving, but they can be if more people started to use them. Reusablebags.com launched in August 2003 and the site is very well-respected. It sells fashionable reusable bags in all sizes as well as featuring news articles and a plentiful amount of vital information about the environment.

"My advice to everyone is to refuse plastic whenever possible, reuse plastic bags you do get and use reusable shopping bags," Reusablebags.com President Vincent Cobb said. "Soon it will be odd to not use reusable shopping bags. This trend will get more popular over the coming years."

Al Gore, former vice president, talks about using reusable bags in his book and movie, "An Inconvenient Truth." Reusablebags.com was even mentioned and endorsed by Gore. As said in the book, "... carry a reusable bag and when asked paper or plastic, say neither."

Reusable.com has sold about 250,000 bags since the site started and it plans to sell tons more.

Link: Bag the Thought of Paper or Plastic


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