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8 posts from March 2008

March 14, 2008

Plastic Bag Ban

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The Bicoastal Report 01.30.08

Hear from ReusableBags.com Founder, Vincent Cobb, who discusses how Ireland's Plastax (which helped reduce consumption of plastic bags in Ireland by 90%) inspired him.

The Plastax "is the wave of what's going to happen next"

Paper or Plastic? No Thanks!

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The Bicoastal Report 01.14.08

Hear from ReusableBags.com Founder, Vincent Cobb, who speaks about plastic bags as a symbol of society's overconsumption, as well as their environmental impacts.

"Now you have ReusableBags.com, a site that sells a variety of bags designed with functionality and even fashion in mind."

March 11, 2008

ReusableBags.com on CLTV Metromix

ReusableBags.com 03.10.08

ReusableBags.com was featured as one of CLTV Metromix's "Green Pieces." Hear from Founder, Vincent Cobb, and view many of our products!

Good Morning America Now Features Reusable Bags

Good Morning America Now 03.10.08

View Good Morning America Now's segment on BYO-Bag. With a focus on how to remember your reusable shopping bags, many of the samples featured were from our store. Guest Olivia Zaleski "really recommend(s) looking at that website. They have everything for everyone."

March 05, 2008

Plastic Bags - JUST SAY NO! (Set to Scarborough Fair)

ReusableBags.com 03.05.08

Check out this video montage (made by againstthetide) set to Simon & Garfunkel's Scarborough Fair - meant to make us think twice about using plastic bags. We like to watch this video with the volume turned down since this song, while beautiful, is a huge downer!

Plastic Bags, Headed for A Meltdown

Washington Post 02.06.08

On a recent Sunday, I stood in a long line at the Dupont Circle farmers market. At the front was a young woman, juggling nearly a dozen apples as she tried to hand them to the cashier to be weighed. "Here, let me get you a bag," the cashier suggested. "No. No," the woman answered harriedly. "I brought my own!" The cashier glanced at the growing line of impatient patrons. And  the young woman turned around, too, a pained look spreading across her face. "Okay. But then take them out. I can put them in here." Pause. "Really, I really don't want one."

It was, perhaps, a sign of the times. The plastic bag, that staple of modern life, is about to become radioactive.

Link: Plastic Bags, Headed for A Meltdown

Top China Plastic Bag Maker Closes Amid Green Drive

Environmental News Network 02.26.08 Medium_2

China's largest plastic bag maker has closed following a state-led environmental campaign discouraging plastics use, Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday.

China launched a surprise crackdown on plastic bags in January, banning production of ultra-thin bags and forbidding its supermarkets and shops from handing out free carrier bags from June 1.

Link: Top China plastic bag maker closes amid green drive

Brown May Legislate Against Free Plastic Bags

guardian.co.uk 02.29.08Plasticbags_276

Prime Minister Gordon Brown today signalled that he will use the law to stop supermarkets giving away free plastic bags within the next 12 months. Supermarkets that do not voluntarily start charging customers for plastic bags are expected to be compelled to impose a levy of at least 5p a bag. Ministers could impose the new regime using amendments to the climate change bill, which is currently going through parliament. Brown made his pledge as
the Guardian revealed that government departments handed out nearly one million branded plastic bags themselves, mostly in connection with publicity campaigns.

Link: Brown may legislate against free plastic bags