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June 24, 2008

Eco-trendiness is in the bag

Daily Breeze, 06.17.08
As reusable bags continue down the path from obscure eco-crusader tool to trendy fashion accessory, the debate continues on what to do about all those plastic bags. Some say bans are the answer; others claim that recycling will solve the problem. Vincent Cobb of reusablebags.com argues that the behavior we need to change is the mindless overconsumption of use-and-toss items.

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I am a green team leader at our 83,000 sq.ft. grocery/retail store. From the sale of our reusable bags we have cut back our plastic bag consumption 20,000 bags a month and doubled our plastic bag recycling. There is more to do on this issue though as we typically consume 120,000 bags a month. I would like to see the plastic and paper bags no longer used. The USA cuts down millions of trees to make paper bags each year. Our trees provide oxygen for us to breath, shade for our homes cutting back on summer cooling costs and most importantly soak up the out of control green house gasses. We need to cut down less trees and plant more.

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