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June 25, 2008

US mayors vote to phase out bottled water consumption

International Herald Tribune, 06.23.08 Iht_logo 

Making international news on Monday, 250 US mayors voted to put an end to using taxpayer money to purchase bottled water for its employees and functions. This is bad news for the likes of Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc., who have enjoyed a steady increase in sales the last few years. Bottled water requires vast amounts of petroleum to produce—both in the manufacturing of the bottles and in the shipping process.

Our Take: Well done US mayors! While critics of the resolution call it “sound-bite environmentalism”, we say it’s leading by example. Encouraging employees and in so doing, citizens, to drink tap water (which is held to higher standards than bottled water) is a great step toward changing the minds of the masses. We think Gigi Kellett from Corporate Accountability International said it best: “It’s just plain common sense for cities to stop padding the bottled water industry’s bottom line at taxpayer expenses.” What do you think?

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This isn't about hurting the bottling industry or about convincing people that their tap water is okay. Lots of people refill their plastic water bottles with tap water anyway. It's about FOSSIL FUELS and it's about our overwhelming need to take the easiest way available regardless of how harmful it is to our habitat. So many of us have an attitude that it is just too hard to wash a dishcloth so we use a paper towel instead. It is just too much work to put a dish in the dishwasher so we use paper or plastic or styrofoam plates instead--so called 'disposables' that will be part of our descendents' habitat for centuries. It's about looking honestly at what we are doing and why and how easy it is to do the right thing instead. Bravo to the Mayors!

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