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July 24, 2008

VIDEO CLIP: The Dangers of Plastic Bags

ReusableBags.com 07.23.08

Late last week, a fantastic slide show making its way around the internet caught our eye. Using a potent combination of facts and images, it tells the story of plastic bag over-consumption we first laid out at our web site five years ago. Its short, visual format provides an incredible tool to educate and inform.                    

We liked the slide show so much, we hustled to:

  1. Convert and post it as an easy-to-view video on YouTube, opening it up to millions worldwide.
  2. Discover who produced it and give them credit. It turns out to be a fellow Chicagoan! Vishal Mody - a public school teacher.
  3. Share it with you, our 80,000+ newsletter subscribers, and post it in our Newsroom.

Please take just 4 minutes to watch it and help spread the word!


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Wonderful; straightforward; easy to read and understand; effective; it should be shown in all schools. I will be sure it is shown in my children's school. Thank you Vishal Mody.

What ReusableBags.com put out there in 2005 is REALLY beginning to catch fire. Wake up everyone! Even if you haven't been worried about them for the last 25 years, it is time to be worried about them now - and join us in DOING something about stopping them NOW.

If the plastic bag issue were repositioned as an oil dependency issue, maybe Americans would respond. It's time for us to catch up with Europe and bring our own bags to the store. It's actually easier now than ever to do it too. Stores should stop offering plastic and charge for bags if people forget theirs.

I knew there was a problem, I just didn't realize how big it was. I've been using canvas bags more often that not for a couple of years. Recently I noticed my veggies get plastic bags. So now I save the liner in my cereal boxes, I save my my bread bags, I save my kids cookie bags and I reuse those for my wet veggies.
I WISH I had an answer.

In Germany, grocery store customers put their items in a cart without bagging. They have collapsible plastic bins in their cars into which they put the groceries. The bin can be carried inside. If it too heavy get the kids to help unload. Just a thought. Any change we undertake is difficult, but once we get into the habit it gets much easier and we wonder why we never made the change earlier.

Hi. I live in NY and I use cloth bags for shopping, but sometimes I get plastic as I need them to throw away my garbage. Any suggestions on what to use for trash bags in place of plastic? Help!


Hey Karyl consider picking up a few paper bags or corn based plastic bags, they both biodegrade, and depending on the length you leave the garbage in the paper bag it won't be a problem.

A wonderful presentation!!! I have an array of reusable bags - from the tiny Acme and Chico stow-aways that I always keep 4 of in my purse for the un-planned purchases, as well as a few home-made bags and several large sturdy Acme recycled PET bags that carry my large grocery loads. I haven't accepted a plastic bag for over a year, even if it meant carrying something in my hands - it has become a habit, and an easy one. Imagine in your mind that handling a plastic bag is like handling something that repulses you, and you will quickly "kick the habit". I forgo the plastic produce bags and use my light-and-foldable Acmes for produce. And although cornstarch bags and paper may be degradable, why continue to use anything that is designed to be disposed of unless you have to? And even though there is a ridiculous amount of plastic packaging on everything from vegetables (salad mix, i.e.), as well as meat (if you eat it), it is usually possible to avoid most of it. Buy head lettuce in lieu of bag-o-salad, pull your potatoes and onions from the bulk bin rather than opting for the plastic bagful, find a butcher counter that will wrap meat in butcher's paper ... avoid excess packaging, or if it's just not an option, choose packaging that is recyclable or compostable. Now if they would only start banning styrofoam...! Finally, you can't go wrong with reusablebags.com - great selection, prices and customer service. Keep up the good work!

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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