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September 29, 2008

Toronto considering ban on paper coffee cups

Coffeecup_4 CBC News 09.15.08

The City of Toronto is considering everything from a tax to an outright ban on objects like paper coffee cups, fast-food containers and plastic bags that clog the recycling system.

By 2010, Toronto wants to send only 30 percent of its garbage to landfill sites. But to achieve that goal, the city says, it needs to limit the garbage that takes up a lot of space—and that means reducing Styrofoam cartons, plastic bags and the ubiquitous paper coffee cup.

Our Take:  Part of a growing trend of legislation (still outside the U.S. mainly), taking aim at use-and-toss items often perceived as free. We anticipate more cities will continue targeting the wasteful over-consumption of food containers and paper cups.

Link: Toronto considering ban on paper coffee cups


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this is a brilliant idea, why don't more cities try and follow. this could solve so many problems. you don't need coffee cups really you could just take along your own thermostatic mug.

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