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April 01, 2009

No BPA For Baby Bottles In U.S.

The Washington Post 3.06.09  WashingtonPost

The six largest manufacturers of baby bottles will stop selling bottles in the United States made with bisphenol A, a controversial chemical widely used in plastics but increasingly linked to a range of health effects.

The manufacturers declared their intentions after Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, joined by the attorneys general in Connecticut and New Jersey, wrote to the bottle makers and asked them to voluntarily stop using the chemical.

Our Take: It's about time bottle manufacturers respond to pressure to stop using BPA in their products. Congrats to the Connecticut, Delaware and New Jersey Attorney Generals for demanding regulation of this harmful chemical - if the FDA's not going to do it, someone has to.

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This is great news! I'd like to share with others that last month (March, 2009) BabiesRUs has taken back all of my Avent baby bottles (not BPA-free) even though I did not purchase them at their store and I also did not have a receipt. They let me exchange them dollar for dollar! What an amazing gift that has been for myself and other parents!

I am shocked however that there has not been much talk recently related to baby food making appliances. What about food processors like Cuisinart? I have yet to find a food processor that is not made with BPA! (I know you can buy glass and stainless steel blenders thank goodness!) Vitamix is now coming out with a power blender that is made of BPA-free plastic. But for those of us who cannot afford a $400+ blender, what are we to do? Blenders are great, but they do not perform power tasks and hold up to daily use of a Cuisinart (type) food processor. I was shocked to find out my food processor, that I have been using for 6 months now to make baby food, is made with BPA. (There was no recycle number on it for reference). Interestingly enough, Cuisinart has not responded to my numerous emails regarding this topic. I can tell you that in the past when I have had to email them on other topics, I have received not only prompt email responses, but a friendly phone call as well!

I think it's going to cost businesses / manufacturer millions to replace these types of products with a more safe plastic and therefor, many companies are unwilling to go on record admitting any negative effects of BPA.

I for one am royally upset at Cuisinart and other food processor companies who are not responding to this information. It has been around for years and yet they continue to sell to those of us who did not know any better.

I salute these manufacturers for responding to the call. It's not just for us but their babies too.

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Excellent tips and a great article. Nicely done!

You'll still want a bottle brush to scrape away the solids that tend to collect on the sides and neck of the bottle. Some bottles are now designed to match up with breast pumps, so you can put breast milk directly into the bottle without having to shift between glass storage jars and funnels.

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