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October 16, 2009

Cheap Reusable Bags are Tomorrow’s Landfill

The Envirosax Blog – Oct. 8, 2009Envirosaxcheapreusable

 All over the globe, more and more people are carrying reusable shopping bags. “Unfortunately, these cheap reusable shopping bags are often more of a marketing ploy than a great choice for the environment. To be effective in reducing waste, reusable bags must be able to be reused time and again, and therefore must be extremely durable… Don’t be fooled into thinking that polypropylene is an environmentally sound alternative. You may even find the term ‘biodegradable’ on some of these bags, but the standards for this term is that the bag must be biodegradable in a ‘commercially managed compost environment.’…”

Read the entire blog entry here.

Our Take: This blog is right on. Cheap reusables flooding the market place have become the new disposables. Read more in our article on cheap reusable shopping bags.


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This plague is now growing in my country Colombia, marketing people are selling these bags as ¨ecological¨and people is getting confused, i am trying to let them know than polypropilene is not an alternative and that the materials should be cotton or any natural fiber, without any parts in any kind of plastic... well thats my job... and i will continue doing it, visit our website: elcostalverde.com

Love for everybody on earth!

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