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October 16, 2009

CVS Offers Incentive to Bring a Reusable Bag

NBC 10 News – 10.16.09

Cvslogo CVS joins the growing list of retailers offering customers incentives for bringing reusable bags. The company is implementing a green bag card system. For every four shopping trips with a cloth reusable bag, the customer will receive a coupon for $1. There's also word that Target stores are offering a 5-cent credit for every reusable bag used.

Read more about the CVS program here.


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This is typical greenwashing by CVS. They don't offer you money off with every reusable bag you use (like most retailers are doing). Instead, you have to spend $1 upfront to buy a plastic tag (including paper label-- more consumption!) that you must hook onto a bag. Then you must shop with this bag 4 times to get a coupon worth $1 off your next CVS purchase. It would take you 5 additional purchases from the time you buy the tag to earn any money. What a cynical, self-serving way for CVS to claim its concern for the environment.

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