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March 10, 2010

5-cent Bag Fee Proposed for Maryland

The Baltimore Sun - 3.10.10

"While Baltimore lawmakers appear to be backing away from regulating disposable bags in the city, some legislators in Annapolis want to require merchants statewide to charge customers a nickel per bag for most throwaway sacks they now get for free to carry away their purchases..The fee would not apply to bags for certain goods, such as produce, candy, meats, flowers, carryout food from a restaurant and small hardware items.  Merchants could keep one cent of the fee for their trouble collecting it - and another two cents if they offer customers credits for bringing in their own reusable bags.   Any bags distributed by stores would have to be recyclable - 40 percent post-consumer if paper, or polyethylene code 2 or 4 if plastic."

Read the entire article here.


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