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5 posts from April 2010

April 17, 2010

Plastiki Reports from the Middle of the Ocean

The New York Times - 3.30.10

IPlastikiSiten mid-March, the Plastiki set sail from San Francisco, making its way through the North Pacific Garbage Patch toward its final destination - Sydney, Australia. The mission of the journey is to draw attention to the growing pollution and problems caused by our reliance on disposable plastic items. The ship, made in part of recycled plastic bottles, embodies another part of the team's mission, demonstrating a possibility for creative reuse of what would otherwise be waste.

Read the entire NYT article here.

You can also track the Plastiki's journey here or join the pledge to stop using disposable water bottles.

Our Take: For more, read our article on plastic's impact on oceans.

April 16, 2010

Santa Cruz county Green-lights Plastic Bag Ban

KSBW.com 4.13.2010

"Santa Cruz County supervisors have given the green light to a shopping bag ordinance that would ban the use of plastic bags and impose a surcharge on paper bags. Before the new ordinance goes into effect, however, an environmental study must be conducted, which could delay the new law by more than a year. The ban would have shoppers in the county provide their own bags to take groceries home - or pay a 10-cent fee for paper bags."

Read the article here.

Our Take: It's always good news when a municipality takes action on the plastic bag issue - and it's a smart twist to charge for plastic bags. However, instead of bag bans, bag fees designed to curb consumption are smarter, market-based solutions. Ireland's PlasTax, for example, reduced plastic bag consumption by more than 90% in the first year alone.

Werner Herzog bags a bizarre voiceover roll

The Guardian Online 4.8.10

"The last of the great auteur directors voices the role of a plastic grocery bag in a philosophical short film by much-tipped director Ramin Bahrani."

Read the article here.

Watch the video in our blog.

Our Take: A great reminder that those free plastic bags are never actually free. It closely follows the three phases of a plastic bag's life, and corresponding costs, in our Real Cost of Free Plastic Bags.

The Story of Bottled Water

Huffington Post - 3.22.10

Annie Leonard, the woman behind The Story of Stuff, describes the inspiration behind her newest eye-opening short film - bringing home the truth behind the wasteful bottled water industry and the fears that keep people buying in. 

Leonard describes the video as "a seven-minute animated film that, like The Story of Stuff, uses simple images and words to explain a complex problem caused by what I call the 'take-make-waste' economy. In this case, we explain how you get Americans to buy half a billion bottles of water a week when most can get it almost free from the tap in their kitchen. The answer, of course, is you manufacture demand--make people think they need to spend money on something they don't actually need or already have."

Read the article here.

Watch the video.

Our Take: Annie Leonard is right on the money again. We've been drawing attention to the sham of bottled water since our launch in 2003, and not only is it a waste of money, it is a trend that's doing incredible damage to our environment and natural resources. Instead, use high-quality reusable bottles and fill them yourself!

April 15, 2010

Tapped Faces Opposition on the Road

Getoffthebottle-white Halfway through their month-long tour celebrating the release of their controversial documentary, the makers of Tapped have run into plenty of opposition from bottled water companies as they try to promote their Get Off the Bottle message.

The crew was banned from one of their favorite talk shows, despite the host's desire to promote the film, because Pepsi is her largest advertiser. Opposition from other companies raking in millions of bottled water dollars (Nestle and Coke, just to name a few) has made getting the word out about the film and the tour a struggle. 

Determined to get the word out about the world water crisis and the perils of plastic, the Tapped crew has rallied their supporters to email Oprah and urge her to have them on her show when they stop in Chicago.

Check out the Tapped website to see when they're coming to your city, and take the pledge to Get Off the Bottle.  You can check out the trailer, and find out how to promote Tapped on our blog

Our Take: We're big fans of this important film and encourage our readers to help get the word out. High-quality reusable bottles are a simple way we can all cut back on this wasteful habit.