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April 15, 2010

Tapped Faces Opposition on the Road

Getoffthebottle-white Halfway through their month-long tour celebrating the release of their controversial documentary, the makers of Tapped have run into plenty of opposition from bottled water companies as they try to promote their Get Off the Bottle message.

The crew was banned from one of their favorite talk shows, despite the host's desire to promote the film, because Pepsi is her largest advertiser. Opposition from other companies raking in millions of bottled water dollars (Nestle and Coke, just to name a few) has made getting the word out about the film and the tour a struggle. 

Determined to get the word out about the world water crisis and the perils of plastic, the Tapped crew has rallied their supporters to email Oprah and urge her to have them on her show when they stop in Chicago.

Check out the Tapped website to see when they're coming to your city, and take the pledge to Get Off the Bottle.  You can check out the trailer, and find out how to promote Tapped on our blog

Our Take: We're big fans of this important film and encourage our readers to help get the word out. High-quality reusable bottles are a simple way we can all cut back on this wasteful habit.


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