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June 09, 2010

McDonald's Recalls 12 Million Toxic $2 Cups

GreenBiz.com 6.4.10

Shrek's not the only one turning green over McDonald's recent recall of 12 million Shrek Forever After-themed glasses due to the existence of the toxic metal cadmium in the paint. GreenBiz reports, "As part of the voluntary recall, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warned consumers to stop using the glasses immediately.

The $2 glasses feature characters from “Shrek Forever After” and could cause a danger to children if they come into extended contact with the paint, the cadmium leaches into their skin and they touch their mouths.

McDonald's said that it will provide refunds for the glasses, and will be posting instructions on June 8 on a website set up for the recall."

Read the article here.

Our Take: For years we've warned against the use of cheap reusables. From giveaway bags that fall apart to cheap bottles from unknown origins, the risks associated with these products is far greater than the savings associated with them. We hope this is a lesson people take to heart - you get what you pay for. 


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