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October 28, 2010

Study Quantifies The Sins of Greenwashing

Posters Terrachoice.org 10.26.10

A report released by marketing company TerraChoice is claiming that at least 95% of products marketing themselves as environmentally-friendly or "green" are guilty of some kind of greenwashing.

The sweeping study analyzed the claims of 2,583 Canadian products, 1,960 American products, and 753 products found in both markets for a grand total of 5,296. It focuses on "environmental claims made by the North American consumer market" and has broken down greenwashing into seven common marketing patterns which they have dubbed "The 7 Sins of Greenwashing.

Some of these include "Sin of Irrelevence," "Sin of No Proof" and "Sin of Fibbing."

One of their more shocking findings is a condemnation of green claims from the toy and baby product industry. They found some form of greenwashing in 99.2 to 100% of such labels.

Read the complete study at the Sins of Greenwashing Website.


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