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March 30, 2011

Plastic: Too Good to Throw Away

New York Times 3.23.11

18opedimg-popup Persistently avoiding plastic may seem key to combating over-consumption and the production of plastic-based materials, but, in reality, the issue is far more complex. In a recent Op-Ed piece, Susan Freinkel, a New York Times contributor and author of the forthcoming book Plastic: A Toxic Love Story, dispels the common misconception that suggests shunning plastic and settling for bag bans and fees will drastically alter the ethos of our culture.

Instead, Freinkel advocates for shifting the public perception of plastic as cheap and worthless to durable and profitable by eliminating its presence in disposables.

 Check out our "I'm not a . . ." or "Thank you" series, which offer affordable, sustainable alternatives to use-and-toss disposables like plastic bottles and bags.

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I agree that plastic is just to good to throw away. Thanks for the info and i will used that in my thesis.

I wanna see more affordable, sustainable alternatives to use and toss disposables like plastic bottles and bags. Thanks.

Yes,it's good for health and useful to every one.I am always a plastic bags Too Good to Throw Away.It's nice blog.

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