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April 01, 2011

Bulgarian Government Pushes Fee on Plastic Carrier Bags

Plastics & Rubber Weekly 4.1.11

Zx500y290_997092 Beginning as early as July of 2011, the Bulgarian Government will impose a tax of 0.15 on Bulgaria's leva  (Bulgarian currency - €0.07) per plastic bag, increasing to 0.35 leva (€0.18) next year, to 0.45 leva (€0.23) in 2013, and up to 0.55 leva (€0.28) a year later, reports PRW. The progressive legislation is designed to help Bulgaria, which has one of the highest per capita uses of plastic bags in the European Union, with the growing waste problem and proliferation of plastic packaging waste. The country’s environmental ministry hopes the fee will deter the widespread consumption of plastic overall.

Similarly, the Bulgarian parliament has also amended other refuse related orders, including regulations on packaging waste, automotive waste, the treatment and transportation of waste from batteries and accumulators and the treatment of end of life electrical and electronic equipment.

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Image: John Nyberg/sxc.hu



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I think, this is the best way for them to know and understand that plastic bags are not good for us and for the environment as well. If the public people is not listening anymore, this is their best option, I believe.

All bags have an impact. The best solution would be to use a cotton bag several hundred times, probably using it constantly for years. If you are not going to do that, a plastic bag – re-used as a bin liner – is the next best option, better than paper. Avoid accepting a plastic bag unless you need one, though. This is a perfect illustration of government bureaucracy standing in the way of progress, 3 years for the bureaucrats to do anything. Plastic is bad for the environment by nature. Thanks for sharing…

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