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May 27, 2010

Peter Gleick discusses Our Obsession With Bottled Water

6a00d8341c670d53ef0111688740b1970c-200wi NPR 5.17.10

Peter Gleick, freshwater expert and author of Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water, recently sat down with NPR to discuss the plague of bottled water in the United States. He contends that most bottled water comes from municipal water supplies which makes us wonder - how is this a multi-billion dollar global industry? 

Stop getting scammed. Bring your own bottle and spare the landfills. 

Read more here, and listen to the interview below.

February 19, 2009

New Safety Law Doesn't Mean All's Well in Toyland

NPR 2.12.09  Npr

A new federal law took effect this week banning chemicals called phthalates in children's toys and other kids' products. While the ban was hailed as a victory for children's health, it's no guarantee that the products are safe.

That's because companies currently aren't required to publicly disclose the chemicals they use in place of phthalates — and little is known about the health effects of one of the most widely used alternatives.

Our Take:  We’re glad to hear that phthalates have finally been banned from children’s toys (it’s about time!). However, as the article cautions, it’s tough to know whether toys contain the harmful chemical in the first place – making it difficult to regulate. Not to mention, the 80,000 phthalate substitutes being used in its place, whose toxicity isn’t known. We suggest steering clear of any plastics that aren’t thoroughly tested and from a trusted source.

Listen here

Link: New Safety Law Doesn’t Mean All’s Well in Toyland

November 14, 2008

AUDIO CLIP: Dirty plastic bags

npr,  11.14.08Npr

Our founder, Vincent Cobb, joins Ashkay Rao, program director and professor at University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, to discuss why not all reusable bags are created equal.

“[The 99-cent reusable shopping bag phenomenon] has become a marketing gimmick du jour, big time. It’s an advertisement for the retailer, so they’re very incented to get them out there. If they just sit and accumulate in a closet and you go back to taking plastic bags, then yeah, you have done a net negative.”

Listen to the interview

June 24, 2008

AUDIO CLIP: India cow killer bagged, but deaths continue

npr, 06.09.08

Npr_cow_death_picture_2 A group of very ill cows was taken to a local veterinary hospital, anaesthetized and surgically examined. It turned out, says Indian journalist Subhash Mishra, that inside their stomachs was an extraordinary number of plastic bags. "More than 50, 60 bags," per cow, he recalls. Listen to story…
Link: India cow killer bagged, but deaths continue

AUDIO CLIP: Beach cleanup tally: 6 million pounds of trash

npr, 04.19.08

Npr_logo1_3The Ocean Conservancy recently released the results from their worldwide beach clean-up effort last September and the numbers are shocking. The majority of items found? Single use disposable plastic items such as plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, etc. 6 million pounds of garbage were removed from beaches that day—it doesn’t even scratch the surface of the total amount of trash in our oceans. “An Environmental Activist talks about where this trash came from and what can be done about it.” 

Our Take: While 6 million pounds sounds like a lot, it barely makes a dent in the sum total of garbage floating out there. The effort is significant, however, because it raises awareness on the issue and gives us more insight to the primary culprits. Listen to story…

Link: Beach cleanup tally: 6 million pounds of trash

May 02, 2008

AUDIO CLIP: ReusableBags.com Interview in Celebration of Earth Day Week

Amy & Bryan Morning Show, WNNS  04.28.08987logo_2

Our founder, Vincent Cobb, talks to the Amy & Bryan Morning Show during Earth Day week about reusable bags – including the hidden costs of plastic bags and the myth of biodegradable plastic bags. Plus, a round-up of popular reusable bags and bottles, and how to make the right choice.

Listen to the interview

June 28, 2007

Howard Stern Rants About Plastic Bags

Sirius Radio 03.28.07

Hear Howard Stern's comments on plastic bags upon San Francisco's announcement to be the first US city to ban plastic grocery bags:

"In this country, there are so many (plastic) bags. We bag everything - we bag our bags, we have bags for our bags. It is outrageous. All this plastic has nowhere to go, it's tremendous waste amount of garbage, and it's a completely wasteful things all these plastic bags."

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